Statistical Physics

Statistical & Solid State Physics phys3021


Course Notes

Statistical Physics

Rough timetable Lecture_Plan.pdf


        Statistical Thermodynamics SM3_1.pdf (1.7M)

        Classical Quantum Statistics SM3_2.pdf (1.7M)

        Thermodynamics Properties SM3_3.pdf (1.1M)

        Classical Ensemble Theory SM3_4.pdf (2.2M) NEW

        Heat Capacity of Diatomic Gases SM3_5.pdf (1.4M)

        Heat Capacity of a Solid SM3_6.pdf (1.2M)

        Thermodynamics of Magnetism SM3_7.pdf (556K)

        Bose-Einstein Gases SM3_8.pdf (1.5M)

        Fermi-Dirac Gases SM3_9.pdf (1.8M)

        Appendix-integrals APPENDIX-Integrals.pdf (1.1M)


    Tutorial 1&2 SM3_tut_12.pdf

    Tutorial 3&4 SM3_tut_34.pdf

    Tutorial 5 SM3_tut_5.pdf

    Tutorial 6 SM3_tut_6.pdf

    Tutorial 7 SM3_tut_7.pdf

    Tutorial 8 SM3_tut_8.pdf

    Tutorial 9 SM3_tut_9.pdf


Assignment 1

DUE 1 pm March 15, Assign_1_2013.pdf


   MidSession Test MidSession_2008.pdf

Assignment 2

DUE 1pm April 19, Assign_2_2013.pdf

MidSessionSoln MidSession13Soln.pdf

Assignment 3

DUE 1 pm  May 17, Assign_3_2013.pdf

Boltzmann’s grave in Vienna


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